2017 was only the beginning for WIE. Welcome 2018!

By: CriteoLabs / 05 Feb 2018

“Oui” to WIE, Women In Engineering

Back in November 2016, Criteo hosted the Adaweek for the second time, dedicated to women in STEM (SciencesTechnologyEngineeringMathematics). When Muleine gave her speech there about How being a mom made me more self-confident, people told her how it rang a bell to them. As we were a few ones sharing the same concerns or issues, she realized how much it was worthy to create our group at Criteo to represent Women In Engineering (aka WIE).

Open to both women and men, the WIE group discussed about how we could help women in Criteo, but also outside Criteo, to work or build a career in Engineering positions.

Women In Engineering from Criteo and Google


Why do we need more women in Technology?

Quoting Forbes, and figures from Observer, we need more women in Technology:

  1. Because we need to inspire and educate Tech workers, regardless of gender: if as many women went into engineering as men, this would be a HUGE win for the world. In 2016, women are representing 25% of people working in computing jobs globally in the world
  2. Because there will be less risk of sexual harassment and discomfort when there’s more women around
  3. Because there will be less risk of discrimination if women and men are equally considered in terms of salary, recognition and evolution
  4. Because more women in tech now will encourage more women to pursue their own interest in tech (and will therefore enable greater equality). While 74% of young women express interest in Science Technology Engineering Mathematics fields and computer science, only 28% of undergraduate computer science degrees and 25% of computing jobs are held by women
  5. Because we probably have a lack of innovation in certain (female oriented) sub-industries because there are fewer women in tech: there are some products that, almost by definition, only women buy, thus women may think, act, or approach problems differently

These are some examples and we could continue with many others.


We did it and we will continue!

In order to inspire and educate regardless of gender, and support women in the field, several R&D members launched a Parisian based meet-up : the Paris Women in Machine Learning and Data Science meet-up in September 2017.

Chiara, Caroline, Fanny, Chloé

Chloé-Agathe Azencott (Researcher Faculty member @ Mines Paris Tech), Chiara Biscaro (Data Scientist @ Criteo), Fanny Riols (Software Engineer in Machine Learning @ Criteo) and Caroline Chavier (Senior R&D Recruiter @ Criteo) already organized 3 meet-ups featuring lightning talks (about music, code mining, medicine, computational advertising, …), round-tables (deep learning, networking tips, data visualization, …), workshops (prepare a ML interview), panel discussions (diversity in tech) and networking opportunities. The WiMLDS community discusses machine learning and data science with the purpose of building a community around women in these fields.

Find all the content of our meet-ups of our Medium page and feel free to join us or to attend a special event. Indeed, the WiMLDS team will be the Paris ambassadors of the Women in Data Science organized at Stanford. On the 8th of March, an event will be organized in Paris and kids can attend as well!

Program of Paris WiMLDS meet-up on March 8, 2018


In November, WIE hold a special event called “Aujourd’hui, je code” to help 40 students discover engineering jobs, as well as enjoying a real coding experience, and make their own – informed – judgment on their career choices. Students were so grateful that we will reiterate this!


“Aujourd’hui je code” event


We are a very motivated group and you will hear more about us in 2018! #criteowie

The Criteo engineering team is growing.Take a look at our job postings.


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