Criteo Internships Campus Program 17-18. Ready for the challenge?

By: CriteoLabs / 05 Oct 2017

The latest version of our Campus Program is officially starting. This year, we have 30 Criteo internships positions (each lasts about 6 months) within Criteo R&D, that is made up of world-class software engineers, researchers and data scientists.

Criteo R&D Team

Our core values are getting stuff done, collaboration and respect, code quality, striving for excellence, and having fun at what we do. And to do this, we largely depend on both fresh and existing talents. Thus, our quest for securing the next batch of interns through our campus program.

As you may have already read, our past campus program resulted in over 92% retention rate of interns to permanent contracts and we hope to achieve the same feat this year. From that point on, you just need to get ready to embrace an excellent R&D community with top-tier meetups or our unique programs such as our Voyager mobility program and everything that will lead you to learn, innovate, grow and have a flourishing engineering career.

Testimonial from our current intern and his mentor

Intern: Axel Roville, DevOps Engineer Intern, Télécom ParisTech

Criteo’s Internship Recruitment Process

 “I first heard of Criteo’s internship opportunity during one of Criteo R&D’s Meetups last year. Regarding the process, I was first asked to finish an online coding game after which I had the face-to-face technical interview. I realized the first position I applied for wasn’t quite a perfect fit for me, therefore, the recruiter in charge of my profile referred me for another interview with a different team that was more relevant in my area of expertise and backgrounds. The entire recruitment process is quite clear, smooth and flexible. Regarding any questions I had, I was able to get the answers on the same day.”   

Past Career Fairs

Mentoring & Autonomy

“I am currently working on my own assigned project autonomously which is the design and implementation of a distributed streaming solution to ingest data from several Kafka brokers to Criteo’s Hadoop cluster with the support and assistance of my teammates from time to time if I have any concerns or questions.”

Mentor: Ricardo Paiva, DevOps Engineer

“In Criteo, interns are given their own projects with a complete and clear scope throughout the entire internship period. From the scratch, one needs to create some POCs (Proof of Concept), test and evaluate technologies, which are the things that none of the senior engineers or colleagues have practical knowledge about. This is especially important and rewarding for the hands-on learning experience.”  

This year, we have teamed up with some of the best engineering schools in both France and in the US for an exciting trip on the various school’s career fairs and technical conferences. If you are interested in meeting us in person or just curious about our opportunities, our engineers and recruiters will be waiting for you at our booths during the career fairs as well as the technical conferences.


Criteo Campus Program Events Roadmap 2017-2018

Criteo rooftop

Click below or contact for more on our Criteo internships offers in France of 2017-2018

Software Engineer Internship

DevOps Engineer Internship

Machine Learning Engineering Data Science Internship

Data Analyst Internship


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Axel Roville, Ricardo Paiva & Shuo LI

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