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By: CriteoLabs / 08 Nov 2016


The new version of Criteo Labs internship program is out ! This year, we will have over 30 internship offers available in our various SRE and Dev teams with technical challenges and cutting edge technologies to work on.

Our previous year’s Campus program ended with about 20 interns being hired and 92% of these interns yielding in permanent job contracts to stay on with Criteo (from our 2015-2016 program).

As one of the largest and dynamic R&D teams in Europe, Criteo Labs is always  faced with new and relevant engineering challenges to help steer our rapid growth and exciting  projects. As a result, we are always on the lookout for outstanding graduating talents from engineering schools around (Europe, USA and beyond).

Code review champions. Phot: Sylvain C

Criteo R&D

An internship at Criteo is a rare opportunity to enter the real world of engineering, work with and learn from some of the best industry talents in the world on speed, performance and complexity scales you may find in very few companies. From BigData (100PB storage in Hadoop) to DevOps (20k servers worldwide), into web service expertise (150 billion calls a day),  network infrastructure (2,4 million HTTP requests/sec peaks) and development excellence (300 code reviews a day) you will learn and train on an incredible platform.

Testimonials from some of our previous interns and their take on our 2015-2106 Campus Program


Former interns from L to R: Romaric Thiam, Alexandre Careil & Victor Leconte

Hands-on challenges

The first part of my internship was dedicated to research on existing implementation of kNN and to study papers and articles.

As you may know, naive approaches to this problem are simply too time consuming . Once the best algorithm was chosen, I started messing with Hadoop and its MapReduce to make my kNN scale with Criteo’s catalog.

“Learning to deal with the complexity of implementing such algorithm on Hadoop yielded a great internship experience. Everyday life included Java, a big Hadoop cluster, Git, fast deployment, a fantastic team, meetups, developer jokes and free coffee !” Romaric T

“The highlight of my internship was definitely a presentation I did to explain my work in front of hundreds of Criteo engineers, which was a great personal challenge.” Victor L

Exciting career opportunities

“Working at Criteo as an intern was a great experience all around, which is why I came back one month after the end of my internship to work as a full time engineer in the Network team”. Victor L

My main task as an intern in our R&D was to build a functional distributed kNN over Hadoop (which was successfully achieved) and by the end of my internship there was a brand new employee (once again that’s me !). Now I’m working in the Scalibity team, creating and maintaining many Hadoop jobs in Scala and happy to be there !” Romaric T


“Throughout the duration of the internship, I was the given the time and opportunity to discover many tools I knew nothing about. I was awarded a lot of freedom to design the application on my own, which made my work that much more satisfying”. Victor L

“When I started my internship in March 2016, I thought I would not learn that much about development lifecycle, but I was wrong. I had already gathered some practical knowledge during my year-off, but it was definitely not enough for such a company like Criteo! I spent the first few weeks getting used to the everyday’ s tools, and the internal stuff, and realized the perks of this agile but yet very mature machine.Alexandre C

Collaborative work

“The team I joined was  composed of a few experienced developers. They helped me at every level: reviewing my code to tell me how to improve it, what were the compromises and how to balance performance and expressiveness. All along, I could feel this “skill upgrade” happening progressively while just enjoying my coding adventure.” Alexandre C

For Criteo Labs, opening its doors to new graduating talents means that, you do not need to have tons of experience to bring value in a team but just your pure technical curiosity to learn, impact and experience our exciting growth. Please come jumpstart your career with us, work hard and play hard with us, build and enhance your skills to bootstrap your career !

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Post written by:

Romaric Thiam, Alexandre Careil, Victor Leconte, Imane El-Azlouk & Nicolas Helleringer. 

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