Criteo Infrastructure (Platform) Meetup

By: CriteoLabs / 22nd February,2017 - 22nd February,2017

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  • FastTrack: scaling customer integration

How we used technology to address the heaviest load on our technical support: integration with Criteo for medium-sized customers.

Keywords: Druid, Kafka, Storm, Hadoop, UX

Speakers: Nicolas Laveau & team – Engineering Manager, Criteo R&D.

  • Evolution of analytics at Criteo)

In this presentation, you will learn about the birth and evolution of the Analytics Stack at Criteo in as much detail as a 25 minute time slot will permit.  You’ll learn about the specific technology that we use, at what scale, and how it found itself as a first class member of daily operations.  You’ll also hear about the biggest enemy to scaling: shiny objects.

Speaker: Justin Coffey – Senior Staff Dev Lead, Criteo R&D

  • Don’t take your software for granted

An evolving business means that things are bound to change. I would like to share some stories about the work we have done, as a team we had the unique perspective of writing/debugging code to help those 2 layers infrastructure and business work together when changing in different directions and speed. We will discuss the recipes we use and the pitfalls we encountered.

Speakers: Cedrick Montout – Staff Dev Lead & Kevin Gosse – Software Engineer, Criteo R&D

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