Criteo Internships 18-19. Ready for the challenge ?

By: CriteoLabs / 04 Oct 2018

Looking for an internship from early 2019 ? There is chances you’ll see us around. We’re launching our Campus Program, visiting several engineering schools and universities to spot the best talents in town. We offer more than 35 end-of-studies internships (6 months) within the Criteo R&D and Product team. What you’ll find is a unique flavor of world-class software engineers, researchers and data scientists. No surprise that more than 92% of our previous interns chose to continue the adventure!

Testimonial from our past intern and his mentor 

Intern: Marouane Benalla, DevOps Engineer Intern, Centrale Supélec 

Criteo’s Internship Recruitment Process 

“Criteo? To be honest, before starting the process, it was the internet giant I had never heard of. When the internship offer was published on my alumni Facebook page, I barely knew about it. 

I started the process with a Coding game. Then, I attended a two-hour interview in the premises, meeting the team I would join later on. They assessed my understanding of distributed system by focusing on design questions. The second interview was about my previous experiences and some algorithmic problems with Rémy who would be my future manager. 


Intern’s Experience

At Criteo, “intern” is a stamp that only serves for administrative purposes. From day one, I was considered as an engineer and expected to behave like one. My mission was to bring a Hadoop service called ‘HTTPFS’ to Mesos. To achieve that I needed to interact with a lot of people from different teams, and doing a lot of POC before bringing the project to the production environment. 

After this internship, I chose to continue within Criteo and now I am part of the Site Reliability Engineering Team as a DevOps engineer.”  

Mentor: Rémy SaissyStaff Dev Lead 

“At Criteo, interns are given a very valuable hands-on experience with a real challenge and added value for their team, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate both their technical and analytical skills, pair-working and learning from senior colleagues as well as taking responsibility for a project that can become production code. “ 


Criteo Campus Program Roadmap 2018-2019




And what about life after the internship? Well, if we decide together about a future role in Criteo, you will have the opportunity to discover new projects within new teams. At Criteo, you can define your own path. To help you do so, our unique Voyager mobility program allows you to spend some time within the team of your choice, from a few days to a month, to ensure you get everything to learn, innovate and grow.

Best recent proof is our intern Stephen Bonner, who together with his mentor, won the best long paper award at RecSys 2018 ! Find his paper here.

What does it taste like to join a world-class technology company? Let’s keep it short: we get stuff done, think code quality, strive for excellence, and have fun at what we do.

Check all our internships subjects and join the team!

  • Data Analysis & Visualization
  • Query Optimization on OSS – Databases
  • Deep Learning Models For Recommendations
  • Image Optimization
  • Kafka authentication, Permissions Management and quotas
  • Build a web application to monitor the quality of our clients’ integration
  • Migration of design tool from AngularJS to Angular & UI/UX revamping
  • UI for Recommendations debugging and analysis
  • And so much more…

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