Muleine Lim’s Seven-Year Ride at Criteo

By: CriteoLabs / 04 Aug 2017

Tell us about how you ended up at Criteo.

I joined Criteo as the fifth member of the new Product team. I thought the idea of leveraging data to make ads more relevant was simple, yet brilliant. I knew no other company doing this at that time. Before Criteo, I spent three years working as a Software Engineer, mainly at, the French leader in online flash sales.

How has Criteo changed since you started seven years ago?

When I joined Criteo we were in a small office in the Art district of Paris. Everyone pretty much knew each other. We outgrew our offices and moved twice within two years, before settling down at 32Blanche in the 9th arrondissement. The number of employees has multiplied by 25 since I joined. And so did the scale and complexity of our work. We evolved as an organisation and we built a team that delivers better value and performance. We even went through an IPO and that was just the beginning.

Criteo is now a global player, impacting more than half of the Internet population. We have Petabytes of data and the biggest Hadoop cluster in Europe. Today we are more structured, yet still agile. We continuously challenge ourselves and adapt our systems.

What makes working at Criteo different from your other experiences?

The people we hire are not only extremely talented in their area of expertise, but also very collaborative and friendly. We have great minds here and empowerment is key at Criteo. If you experience any type of frustration, you are in the best position to work on an improvement. “Better to ask for forgiveness than permission” is an unofficial motto at Criteo.

How would you describe the Criteo culture?

Failure is the secret ingredient to achieving success. We are not afraid to try and learn from our mistakes.

What has pleasantly surprised you the most about your team since joining Criteo?

Joining Criteo is like getting a ticket for a great ride! I have learned a lot and I still have plenty of personal challenges. But what I enjoy most is helping others grow. The best reward in coaching people is to see them develop, have a strong impact on the company and become star performers.

The Criteo engineering team is growing across Paris, Palo Alto, and Ann Arbor. We’d love for you to join us.

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