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By: CriteoLabs / 06 Jul 2017

When I (Imane, R&D Recruiter) started at Criteo, I was really impressed by the quality of the candidates Criteo was interviewing. I love my job because I have to find top notch candidates no matter where they are based and offering a relocation doesn’t just apply to Senior and Management roles. One of the examples we have is the relocation from Ireland to France of our SVP of Engineering, Diarmuid : MyCareer: Interview with Diarmuid Gill, SVP of Engineering for Criteo.

Recruiting international talent and working in a multicultural environment is both a challenge and what makes Criteo unique in Paris.

To manage relocations, the Talent Acquisition team works closely with our Global Mobility team. Let’s meet Cynthia, who is instrumental in making the relocation process a smooth one.

The Criteo Mobility team : Hajir Prum & Cynthia Callatin-Sarr

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I have been working at Criteo for 2.5 years. I am part of the Global Mobility Team [pictured here with team member Hajir], in charge of the EMEA region.

Over the years, the number of relocations has increased to the point where it was necessary to create a Global Mobility Team. The aim was, and still is, to define guidelines across regions to help with continuing business growth and provide the best relocation packages to support our Criteos.  Whether hired abroad or changing entities, we want Criteos to have the best relocation experience possible.

What is your job?

The main part of my job is to ensure that our international hires have a hassle-free relocation with the help of dedicated providers. I am also the “go-to-person” for any immigration matters.

Looking after the partner and family and making sure they feel included is crucial to a successful relocation. That’s why we offer an outplacement program providing assistance with school search, French classes and a host of other services. My motto is ” Happy Family, Happy Relocation!”.

When do you first make contact with a candidate?

Relocating is life-changing. That’s why I work with the recruiters to provide more information on our relocation support during the recruitment process. Before, or when the candidate receives an offer, they often have questions about specific topics that I am here to answer.

When it gets real, I assist with immigration, completing documents and building a personalized relocation itinerary.  From the recruiting stage up to finding a permanent flat, I am here to answer any question, explain, and reassure.

Beyond the relocation, the Global Mobility Team is here to ease the onboarding and settling in process.

What part do you like the most in your job?

Being a people person, I love the idea of being part of a family or employee’s new adventure and seeing them settling in over the months.

Relocating to a new country is exciting and scary at the same time. Being the go-to-person allows me to build a special relationship with relocating Criteo employees and their family.


They relocated : Luca, Mike, Ricardo & Chiara

Tom Aurelio, EVP of Human Resources at Criteo says “Criteo is proud of the international nature of its employee population; it’s something we both encourage and celebrate”.

Cynthia and Hajir have helped many candidates to join Criteo and settle in Paris. Here are some testimonials from former candidates who relocated to become Criteo employees.

Did you know Criteo before joining?

“Not really, I knew it via  S2DS, and I decided to apply the following month.” Chiara, Data Scientist 

I did not know the company. I did some exploration online before applying, which helped me to understand the basics.” Mike, Machine Learning Researcher 

Strangely, I discovered Criteo thanks to my AdBlocker.” Luca, Networks Lead 

I did not know Criteo before the Recruiter contacted me.” Ricardo, DevOps Engineer 

During the recruitment process, when did you talk about the relocation?

“Yes, I talked about it with [my recruiter] when I came to Paris for  my panel interview.” Chiara 

“I had a call with a Criteo Engineer who reassured me a lot. I was afraid that not speaking French was a blocker.” Ricardo 

“I discussed this with the recruiter, an Engineer, and Cynthia. […] My main concern was the flat search because […] I was relocating with my girlfriend.  I am happy with the help I got from Criteo and found a very nice apartment.” Luca  

Once you accepted to join Criteo, what was the process?

“My story was unique. I was living in Israel. I am American and my wife is Romanian. […] The process of relocating was delayed by 2 months because of administrative details. Criteo helped me all along and as soon as I had the papers, we moved to Paris. Right now, I am looking for a flat.” Mike 

“Compared to my previous moves, when I had to move on my own, the relocation process was very quick and smooth. I moved in less than one month. Everything was organized and set in place by Criteo. I didn’t have much stuff to move. I got help to open a bank account, apply for social security, and find a new apartment and French lessons.

Without knowing any French, relocating could have been a nightmare, but it all went really smoothly. Same for finding a new flat… I have been told the housing market in Paris was really difficult. Fortunately, the agent found apartments following [my] specifications, arranged for and took us to view them, and took care of all the bureaucracy related to the tenancy agreement, insurance, and bill setup.” Chiara 

I was relocating from Brazil. My process was huge: getting the visa was long (almost 6 months). Criteo helped a lot with administrative aspects: I didn’t have any headache with papers! At this time, I got two offers: one from a German company and Criteo. The two were similar in terms of money. I chose Criteo because they made a difference with the relocation: removal of belongings, 3 months temporary accommodation, relocation allowance… Funny story: friends of mine experienced relocation with shared flats in a-one-month-temporary accommodation!

Family wise, we had to find a school for our son. He onboarded with international classes and then was able to join regular classes where they speak French (within a public school). Criteo was not supposed to help but was essential.” Ricardo  

The help of the housing agency was very precious. They gave me support for utility contracts (phone & electrical company which can be a nightmare if you don’t speak French). They also recommended locations in Paris according to what me & my girlfriend were looking for. ” Luca 

What was the most stressful about relocating for you?

“The administrative issues regarding our situation were a bit stressful. I got some help from Cynthia and one of Criteo’s partners which helped me with the process.” Mike 

“I wanted to move from Brazil even if I had a good job there. I really found what I was looking for: a solid company.” Ricardo 

If you had to give one piece of advice to someone relocating, what would it be?

“Even if there is some stress with relocating, everything will work out in the end.” Mike 

“Check things in advance with the company and ask questions, as things work differently in different countries. I moved two times by myself and it was really stressful and expensive. After those experiences, I would probably never have accepted a move to France on my own without speaking any French. I had other offers from other companies in UK and Denmark, and nobody had any package similar to Criteo. ” Chiara 

“Just do it!” Ricardo 

All our engineers agree that relocating is life changing. Apart from living in a different city / country, it gives you the power to drive your own career. If you are ready to move, don’t be afraid to start our recruitment process!

Caroline Chavier & Imane El Azlouk, R&D Recruiters




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