Announcing the Not Another Big Data (NABD) Conf!

By: Justin Coffey / 08 Apr 2016
NABD Conf, May 26, Criteo 32 rue Blanche, Paris

NABD Conf, May 26, Criteo 32 rue Blanche, Paris

We are very excited to announce NABD Conf 2016 which will be held at Criteo’s R&D center in Paris on May 26th!

What is NABD Conf you ask? It’s an attempt to get some of the most knowledgable folks working on large scale distributed systems together for a day so that they can share with and inspire (what we hope to be) an audience packed full of eager engineers!

To whet your appetites, we have an impressive roster of Google, Spotify, Mesosphere and Criteo engineers who will be presenting work past and present (complete with the bumps and bruises incurred along the way).

And since no self respecting conference is without an after party, there will be post-conference drinks held on our enormous rooftop deck with a stunning 360 degree view of Paris.

The price? 50 bucks (euros), which will all be given to charity.

On to the agenda:

  • Life-sized Kafka, lessons learnt building a service from an OSS software, Brice Arnould, SRE Criteo
  • Bad SRE: A Hyperbole in 12 Parts, Barclay Osborn, SRE Google
  • No one at Google uses MapReduce anymore, Martin Görner, Google
  • Productivity and Hadoop, A Life’s Work, Justin Coffey, Scalability Criteo
  • Scio – scala meets Google Dataflow/Beam, Rafal Wojdyla, Spotify Engineering
  • Playing Nice with SQL (the language), Guillaume Bort, Scalability Criteo
  • Old is Good: Data Warehousing for Sub-Second Query Performance, François Jehl, Scalability Criteo
  • Migrating 39PB of Data to a New Cluster in a New DC, Stuart Pook, SRE Criteo
  • Optimizing Hadoop Jobs from the Outside, Bob Varney, Scalability Criteo

In addition there will be talks from Neil Conway from Mesosphere, Josh Baer of Spotify and our very own Serge Danzanvilliers and Maxime Brugidou.

Seriously. 50€ to listen to those folks for a day (and then have drinks with them on a rooftop deck overlooking Paris)? It’s the deal of a life time.

The website with full details coming soon but registration is now open  here.

  • Justin Coffey

    Senior Dev Lead at Criteo Paris Justin Coffey is a senior staff devlead at Criteo in charge of the Analytics Infrastructure team. He oversees (and even manages the occasional contribution to) the development of better tools to manage the petabytes of analytic data employed by hundreds of Criteo analysts and engineers across the world. With over 15 years of experience working in the Internet, Justin has worked with web technologies since their inception. Prior to working for Criteo, Justin worked in a number of Internet startups as an on-hands engineering manager helping drive explosive growth at the early stages.