Videos: Machine Learning Workshop in Criteo

By: CriteoLabs / 22 Feb 2016

There is a wide gap between academic machine learning and industrial data science. The goal of this workshop was to bring together researchers from academia and industry to share experiences. In particular, it was an occasion to discuss which machine learning techniques are actually implemented in practical systems, as well as the open challenges that remain to be solved

Check out videos from the workshop below….

Speaker: Balázs Kégl 

Learning to discover : Machine Learning in High-Energy Physics

Read more about Balázs here  . Twitter: @balazskegl 


Speaker: Francis Bach

Beyond stochastic gradient descent: From theory to practical

Read more about Francis here .


Speaker: Guillaume Bouchard

Factorizing rational databases

Read more about Guillaume here . Twiiter: @gbouchar


Speaker: Christopher Kermorvant

Handwritten text recognition: Is it a solved problem?

Read more about Christopher here


Speaker: Nicolas Le Roux

Scientific challenges at Criteo

Read more about Nicolas here.

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