Justin Coffey presents Vizatra at Big Data Tech Summit in Warsaw

By: Justin Coffey / 15 Feb 2016

When: February 25

Where: Warsaw, Poland


We are happy to be going to the beautiful city of Warsaw as a proud sponsor at this year’s Big Data Technology Summit 2016. The event is “the only conference in Poland for professionals working with Big Data, devoted to technical aspects of implementing, expanding and using Big Data solutions”.

Criteo’s Justin Coffey presents Vizatra – Finally a visualization framework that plays nice with (very) large RDBMSs

Building visualizations that perform on top of many-TB-scale data warehouses is an ongoing challenge in the analytics space. Most tools either offer a static presentation of a highly optimized view, and are fast, or permit exploration via a hierarchical dimensional model and end up being slow, in large part due to overly generic and/or poorly optimized query builders. In this talk we will present Vizatra, a visualization framework that turns this model on its head in an effort to work as optimally as possible with the underlying database. Vizatra is a stand-alone webapp built on top of Finatra that is simple to configure and deploy. We will discuss specific use cases that drove us to build Yet Another Dashboarding Tool and go in-depth showing how easy it is to build a time-series dashboard with Vizatra’s configuration language.

We look forward to meeting you in Warsaw!!

  • Justin Coffey

    Senior Dev Lead at Criteo Paris Justin Coffey is a senior staff devlead at Criteo in charge of the Analytics Infrastructure team. He oversees (and even manages the occasional contribution to) the development of better tools to manage the petabytes of analytic data employed by hundreds of Criteo analysts and engineers across the world. With over 15 years of experience working in the Internet, Justin has worked with web technologies since their inception. Prior to working for Criteo, Justin worked in a number of Internet startups as an on-hands engineering manager helping drive explosive growth at the early stages.