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By: CriteoLabs / 21 Oct 2015

Criteo is launching the Campus Program – more than 30 internships available with a flexible starting date, technical challenges, cutting edge technologies and a very cool and geeky environment. Here’s why you should join us during an internship!

Diarmuid, R&D Senior Engineering Director

Diarmuid, R&D Senior Engineering Director

At Criteo we face some of the most challenging, but interesting problems in the IT industry. We work at a scale of speed, performance and complexity that few others in the industry can compete with. Our data is not big it’s absolutely HUGE. We have about 40 petabytes in our Hadoop storage (20 TB extra per day), we take less than 10ms to respond to an ad request and we deliver billions of ads per day. To help us solve these challenges we need to have the best of the best in terms of engineering talent within our R&D team.

For us, the internship program is an excellent opportunity to reach the next generations of engineering talent to come from the university system. We get to work with the brightest and best and in turn get to give them an insight into one of the most exciting tech companies around. Joining us you will get an opportunity to work alongside industry leading experts who will provide you with guidance and mentoring that will benefit you for the rest of your career. You will get a taste of the really great Criteo R&D culture (nerf wars, tech talks, conferences, knowledge sharing). You will play a full part in one of our development teams, working on the next generation of our systems. What you work on will provide things of real long term value which will last much longer than your internship. ”

Coddy, R&D Software Development Engineer

Coddy, R&D Software Development Engineer

A few words about my internship…

“I applied at Criteo through a forum the company attended at Epita during the year of my graduation. My internship took place at an important moment for Criteo R&D. Releasing and taming the jungle of dependencies was becoming harder, it was time to scale up the development. To tackle this problem, a team was put together with the goal of creating Criteo’s new continuous integration system. I became a full-fledged member of this team early on and contributed as such to its implementation. The contribution was shared between a team that grow from my mentor, a colleague, and myself to five people by the end of my internship. Challenges arose from various things: the diversity of systems we wanted to integrate, from Git to a build farm validating each commit and building Criteo’s codebase from HEAD. Making this infrastructure reproducible using chef and deploying on Criteo’s prod environment.

But also making sure other teams would get up to speed quickly with our product so that we can integrate their feedback and improve. We ended up mostly with a one click solution to deploying a software factory on a bunch of virtual machines. It implemented one commit’s life cycle from being a review, validated by a first round of (unit) tests, to being merged and built with all its dependencies from HEAD. Finally we can validate that one given snapshot of all Criteo’s projects can be pushed to production knowing it does integrate well with all the latest work from everyone. By the end of my internship we had shipped a first version of what would become Criteo’s take on building software at scale. A year later, I got back to Criteo as a full time employee doing completely different stuff, and yet I get to use what I started building back then, happy to see it made a pretty significant impact!”

If you are interested in working with Diarmuid and Coddy, you may consider an internship as a Devops engineer or consider this Front-end engineer internship by sending your resume to  rndinternship@criteo.com.


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