Criteo Goes to NCRAFTS 2015

By: CriteoLabs / 18 May 2015

When: Thurs 21 May – Fri 22 May, 2015
Location: La Grande Crypte, Paris-France


Criteo Labs is happy to be a Gold Sponsor of   NCRAFTS 2015, which takes place at La Grande Crypte in the heart of Paris from 21-22 May. Feel free to swing by our table to have for a chat

NCrafts offers a unique opportunity to be durably inspired by some of today’s most influential speakers and developers in their field. The conference will bring together over 300 international software craftsmen and craftswomen who will  provide deep insight into efficient software practices for the modern professional developer.

More information about the conference can be found on their website

Yann Schwartz of Criteo presents:  Sweet Streams Are Made Of These




Been working for a while, with functional and dysfunctional languages, my current favorites being those with a lot of parenthesis or those wearing a moustache and sporting a slight swedish accent. My interests and work revolve around distributed systems and biggish data, and I get to indulge in both at Criteo, working on everything streamy and clusterish.


Let me tell you a secret: stream processing is boring. It’s just reading a file. Well, many files. Over the network. An unreliable one. And it’s sequential but not quite. And they’re not really files. And your memory is limited. And so is your bandwidth. And you have to do it on many hosts at the same time and it would be great if it still worked when these pesky machines decide to die. It’s like drinking magma from a thousand firehoses.

From humble log importing and ETL to shiny new Machine Learning thingies, many things can be done online, on the fly. But you have to start questioning your assumptions about time, once and only once delivery, accuracy – and embrace statistical fuzziness and healthy paranoia.



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