Criteo Announces the Mo PB Mo Problems World Tour!

By: CriteoLabs / 10 Oct 2014

That’s right, Criteo R&D is on its way to NYC for Hadoop World 2014 and is bringing its Mo PB Mo Problems World Tour with it! No, this isn’t a PR / marketing campaign to tell the world how much “big data” we have and why we’re so cutting edge that you should become a client immediately (which is all true, btw). This is our Paris – Bay Area recruitment tour with a (sole) stop at the 2014 NYC Hadoop World conference!

If you hadn’t heard, Criteo has a massive infrastructure and massively interesting engineering problems to tackle and so we’re hiring massively :).

We have really great positions across R&D, from pure SRE/DevOps to hadoop systems and application engineering to real time services development. All of it is made more fun thanks to the fact that our clients are present across the world (6 data-centers) and traffic manages to more or less double every year (~50 billion events logged daily).

Our R&D offices are located in the heart of Paris and Palo Alto and we’d be happy to relocate you to either of them. Your (future) fellow engineers are open source committers and polyglots and depending on your experience and interests you should be able to find a team working in a language you like (Java, Scala, C#, Python are all in wide use and there’s even some Ruby and Perl–ok I made that up about Perl because I have soft spot for it). What’s certain is that no matter where you end up you’ll love your engineering team and working for Criteo!

No tour is worth the name if it doesn’t have an invite only “backstage” party. We’ll be hosting a little meet and greet at a bar near the conference starting at 7PM Wednesday the 15th. You’ll find a broad swath of Criteo engineers enjoying a pint or two and happy to talk about what it’s like to work for Criteo R&D.

Send an email to to save your spot and world tour t-shirt and have a free (as in beer) beer (or two) with us!

I hope to see you there!

(no I’m not a recruiter–I’m just a devlead who really likes his job!)

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