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By: CriteoLabs / 22 Mar 2013

Written by engineers for engineers (but everyone else is welcome too), we will give you an unvarnished and unfiltered look at what we do. Needless to say, we are passionate about our work and would like to share our excitement with you.

You may know Criteo as the world leader in performance display. You may even have heard that we are the fastest growing tech company in Europe and opening offices across the world.

But do you know that our R&D team is one of the largest web teams in Europe?

Have you ever wondered what kind of infrastructure it takes to absorb over 500,000 HTTP requests per second?

What kind of machine learning can finely personalize over 1 billion display ads per day?

What a datacenter processing petabytes of data every day looks like?

As with many things at Criteo, there are no hard rules as to what will be featured on this blog, as long as it is about tech. So expect anything from a behind-the-scenes tour of our datacenters to insights from our machine learning experts, bleeding-edge Hadoop and NoSQL tips from our scalability team, or even random hacks that are just too cool to keep to ourselves. We will also be posting updates on significant engineering milestones, upcoming tech events that we are hosting or speaking at, as well as our latest open-source contributions.

If you’ve read this far, stay tuned. We are planning on publishing at least one meaty article per month, interspersed with smaller posts and announcements. We will also post updates to Twitter (@CriteoEng).

A blog is all about the conversation so we would love to hear back from you. And, if you think you have what it takes to join the team, please let us know!

Criteo go Go GO!

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