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How can we create and keep supportive environments for #WomenInTech shifting to a career in code? 💜👩‍💻 Join this @WomenWhoCode event to discover the path @aleparedes00 followed to become a Software Developer👇

Did you enjoy these two days of conference at @SnowCampIO 2023? We did! 🎉 #snowcamp
Now, it's time to take it all in and think about how we could apply what we learned, starting on Monday. Stay tuned as we'll share our highlights next week on our blog! 👉

📢People at @SnowCampIO 👇
Last call to win your Star Wars Millenium Falcon in LEGO! 🏆 The final draw happens at noon, so don't wait up and come take the quiz at booth #11!👀

It's already Day 2 at @SnowCampIO ❄️If you haven't checked us out yet, don't hesitate to drop by our booth and try to win a Millenium Falcon in Lego!🏆
We're waiting for you at booth #11! #snowcamp

📢Everything ready for the "Meet & Greet" at @SnowCampIO. Our team is always open to conversations and happy to share our expertise on #adtech. We are at booth 11! #snowcamp


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