May 18th, 2015

Criteo Goes to NCRAFTS 2015

When: Thurs 21 May – Fri 22 May, 2015
Location: La Grande Crypte, Paris-France

Criteo Labs is happy to be a Gold Sponsor of  NCRAFTS 2015, which takes place at La Grande Crypte in the heart of Paris from 21-22 May. Feel free to wswing by our table to have for a chat

NCrafts offers a unique opportunity to be durably inspired by some of today’s most influential speakers and developers in their field. The conference will bring together over 300 international software craftsmen and craftswomen who will  provide deep insight into efficient software practices for the modern professional developer.

More information about the conference can be found on their website  

February 26th, 2015

Static code analysis: do it the right way

At Criteo, we have a team inside the R&D department dedicated to improving the build process. Our goal is to allow developers to push their code in production quickly and safely. We think that one way to achieve this is to provide early feedback to developers, during the development process, so that they feel confident that they are not going to break something. As adventurous as we are, we don’t feel production is an appropriate place to find out we might have goofed. We want to give feedback on code commits before they go through the integration pipeline.

February 6th, 2015

The buddy initiative: Your first hour at Criteo R&D

So, you’ve been hired by Criteo R&D, congratulations ! Now, what will your first hour in the Paris office look like ?

Well, get out of the metro, walk up the street a bit and find your way into the lobby. Ask the receptionist to ping your buddy. Wait, my WHAT ? Surely you mean my manager, my recruiter or some HR person ? Nope, I said “your buddy”. It’s someone from another R&D department  that will greet you when you arrive, show you around the important parts of the building, tell you the basic things you need to know and then deliver you into the waiting arms of your welcoming team. We thought “hey, welcome, I’m your buddy” is a nicer greeting than “hey, welcome, I’m your manager”. Dunno why but it’s true. Perhaps it’s the way it sounds ? Buddy. Rhymes with friendly.