July 6th, 2016

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love C# 

A few weeks ago, we attended NDC Oslo. Hosted in the center of beautiful downtown Oslo, NDC takes over the Spektrum arena every year for 3 days with talks about everything developers love (except Java).  The conference serves about 1900 attendees who almost entirely originate from Norway (70%) and continental Europe (25%), and features a diverse set of speakers and partners from all over the world.

July 4th, 2016

Windows Chef Cooking at Criteo

When I joined Criteo 2 years ago, I was asked to work on the automation of our infrastructure, using Chef.

More precisely, I was asked to work on the Chef automation of our Windows servers… I had neither Chef nor Ruby experience, and I was no Windows expert, but I was to take care of the more than 5000 Windows servers running our real time processing platform.

Quite a challenge don’t you think?

June 29th, 2016

Deploying OpenAM 12 on Mesos

OpenAM provides open source Authentication, Authorization, Entitlement and Federation software. We chose it as part of our internal SSO platform. The documentation of OpenAM goes into a lot of details about the installation that I don’t need to go through here again.
OpenAM 12 was not designed as a stateless app, and it’s not meant to be running on an elastic environment like Mesos.

The purpose of this doc is to highlight the main pain points and challenges in deploying OpenAM on a Mesos cluster

June 22nd, 2016

Are Developers Eating the World?

One of the themes of this year’s recently finished Devoxx Paris conference was “coding responsibility”, or rather, the responsibility that we as coders have in shaping the future. As Marc Andreessen pointed out 5 years ago now – Software is eating the World, so as developers we are responsible for the software that is quickly taking on more and more roles in our daily lives and society in general.