July 18th, 2014

How to win a free trip to San Francisco

One possible way was to qualify to the TopCoder Open onsite final, San Francisco, Nov 2014. Let me explain how I managed to take one of the last four places of the last qualification Marathon Match round. TopCoder Marathon Matches are complex algorithmic challenges to be solved in one or two weeks (hopefully the onsite final is only 12 hours long).

Posted by: Nicolas Le Roux

July 9th, 2014

Display Advertising Challenge by Criteo

We have launched two weeks ago an exciting challenge on the Kaggle platform.
We provided one week of anonymized data and the goal is very, very easy :
prove that you rock in CTR prediction!

I am pleased to say that it had a good start: almost 100 teams in the competition
and more than 580 submissions :)

It’s still time to join in the competition and prove you’re the best.
End of the contest: September 23rd (2.5 months remaining).

Did I mention that the prize for the winner is $10.000?


May 21st, 2014

The web graph as seen by Criteo

A few months ago, we constructed our own map of the web. We wanted to add new variables to our prediction engine. This engine optimizes, in real-time, many components of our banners: it selects the best campaign, calculates the business value of the banner and choses content such as graphics to maximize the probability of a user clicking and then purchasing.

Posted by: Criteo Engineering