April 27th, 2016

Data Filtering for Reliable Decision-Making

Criteo Engine consists of distinct components (bidder, recommender system, banner renderer, marketplace, …) that together handle bid requests in real-time all the way to delivering personalized ad banners. Every week the Engine is subject to modifications proposed by our R&D teams. Whenever a proposal has made its way up to online testing, it usually undergoes the following process:

  • AB-Test the proposed modification against the reference engine in production.
  • After the ABTest is finished, compute a business metric M over the ABTest scope. Usually M= difference of clients’ business value between populations A and B.
  • Check whether 0 falls into the outside-left region of the metrics confidence interval, in order to decide whether the tested engine change is an improvement or not.

April 11th, 2016

Here we come: Hadoop Summit Dublin

Criteo Labs is proud to be the official wireless network sponsor at this year’s Hadoop Summit. The event will take place from Wednesday April 13 – 14 at the convention centre  of Dublin, Ireland

Oh, we’ll also be giving talks at the conference.

Working with the Type Safe Scalding API

Abstract: Scalding is a go-to choice for developing MapReduce jobs and the new(ish) Type Safe API promises to make jobs ever more safer, without adding any additional testing overhead (and, of course, you all test your jobs).

April 8th, 2016

Announcing the Not Another Big Data (NABD) Conf!

We are very excited to announce NABD Conf 2016 which will be held at Criteo’s R&D center in Paris on May 26th!

What is NABD Conf you ask?  It’s an attempt to get some of the most knowledgable folks working on large scale distributed systems together for a day so that they can share with and inspire (what we hope to be) an audience packed full of eager engineers!

To whet your appetites, we have an impressive roster of Google, Spotify, Mesosphere and Criteo engineers who will be presenting work past and present (complete with the bumps and bruises incurred along the way).

And since no self respecting conference is without an after party, there will be post-conference drinks held on our enormous rooftop deck with a stunning 360 degree view of Paris.

The price?  50 bucks (euros), which will all be given to charity.

April 5th, 2016

We showed out @Meilleur Dev de France 2016

As you may have already read (seen) in several French media outlets, the fourth edition of “Le Meilleur Dev de France took place March 14 in the “Theatre de Paris. Just like the event’s intallment, this our fourth time participating and we we had a big presence.

April 5th, 2016

Ladies of code Paris meetup in Criteo

We are very thrilled to be hosting the Ladies of Code Paris meetup tonight in Criteo. This group meets monthly to discuss talks from leaders in the field and hack whilst developing their code-fu in the process. Talks are mainly in-depth and geeky.